Relaxing Donut Day

Category: Boston + Pax East 2015 Published: Saturday, 14 March 2015 Written by Evilmatt

This was our last full day in Boston we slept in a bit and then made coffee. Jen used the pour until full method of adding coffee to the machine that resulted in some extremely strong brew adding milk only slightly lightened it. We decided to have a quiet day for our last holiday day.


Once we were up and dressed Jen wanted Donuts so we headed out and found the nearest Dunkin Donuts we grabbed some coffee and donuts. I had a jelly and a Boston cream and then a medium coffee. They were ok not the most fresh they’d been there in the case a while but they were pretty tasty. The coffee took a while to drink.


When we’d finished out coffee we headed off to the nearby shop to get some bits some cheese and some other bits. We headed home and then made toasted turkey pastrami cheese pickle and mustard sandwiches. They were pretty good we read and napped watched Walker Texas Ranger then had more sandwiches. 


We then drank the remaining beer and watched the film The Heat with Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy which was pretty fun. 


Tomorrow we fly home our flights are not till the evening so we have a little time but our time in Boston is almost over.

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