Return of the Badger

Category: News
Published: Thursday, 29 August 2013
Written by Evilmatt

From out of the darkness a terrible howl as the beast thought long dead returns for fresh meat

Yes the badger is back resurrected for our latest trip to New Zealand via Seattle and PAX Prime 2013.

The old badger unfortunately died when our old hosting company went crap and nuked the site then locked their admin software so we couldn't fix it which was annoying and meant we lost all the most recent stuff. But seeing we had this trip coming up it seemed a good idea to have somewhere to put our adventures and this site was hastely knocked together with a new host and a quick install of Joomla.

Due to a lack of time this is a fairly basic setup so far and we'll likely add to at as we go but that's part of the beauty of this sort of setup the content and look are separate.

Anyway stay tuned for our various takes on PAX and NZ as we play games meet hobbits learn the secrets of various breweries and burn a path across the southern hemisphere