MIT and Pancakes (Wednesday 11th)

Category: Boston + Pax East 2015 Published: Thursday, 12 March 2015 Written by Evilmatt

I got woken up pretty early by someone shouting what I thought was “BACON!” so naturally I got up thinking it was Byrnie making an early breakfast. However the kitchen was dark and there was no one about. Once the cobwebs had cleared a bit I realized the noise was actually coming from above.


I’m not sure what it was but it sounded like workmen doing something with cables (I heard them scream back and forth about the end of some cable). I went back to sleep and woke up sometime later when the screaming had stopped and had been replaced by banging and dragging noises. This time Jen was up and making coffee so I stayed up.


We got some coffee and rather than have breakfast we decided to go out for breakfast. Jen wanted to go to IHOP as she had never been to one. So we headed back up towards Harvard where the nearest IHOP awaited. It was more like lunch than breakfast by the time we got the bus and rode up to Harvard square and the IHOP was basically empty. I ordered a t bone steak and eggs (with pancakes) and then enjoyed rather a lot of food. It was pretty tasty the special syrups were nice.


Fueled up for the day we decided to go and tour MIT. There was an app available that offered self guided tours (as we had missed the student guided option) so we rode the T back down to the stop nearest MIT. We walked down towards the university and then fired up the app. It provided a blank screen. We tried it on another device, it did the same, we tried it on the Jen’s Iphone, it wouldn’t download. We tried using the map part of the application, it crashed. It seemed the android version was not full Lollypop compatible. Pretty bad for what is supposed to be a tech savvy university. We couldn’t get the iphone version to download so we decided to just have a wander around.


We saw a few of the buildings and then headed down to the Charles river which offered a great view of Boston. The sun was out it had gotten quite warm (I took my coat off and was fine in just a tshirt) and it was gloriously bright with a vivid blue sky it was a really nice day. We walked about taking pictures and enjoying the day then we walked back across the bridge.


We headed into a pub to enjoy a drink picking the Corner Tavern which is a little pub in the basement on the corner the street a block or so down from where our flat is located and across from the sandwich and booze shop. 


I enjoyed a nice Lagunitas IPA which is a Californian brand I know but it was good and on tap. We enjoyed a pint and then headed over to the booze and sandwich shop to pick up some stuff for dinner.


We grabbed some cheese and other bits then headed home. We made a lasagna and also garlic bread drank arrogant bastard beer and then prepared for tomorrow when we intend to visit Salem.

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