Post PAX Relax (Monday 9th)

Category: Boston + Pax East 2015 Published: Tuesday, 10 March 2015 Written by Evilmatt

We were all pretty tired after PAX East so we had a fairly light day of things sleeping in then playing some games watching some TV ate toast and drank coffee. 


I tried out the Tales of Borderlands ep1 which was one of the games I got with the Telltale pack that they gave us during the PAX keynote. It was pretty fun I hadn’t played the more recent Telltale games which adapt based on your choices and it was pretty good fun. 


Eventually toast wasn't sufficient and we needed real food which we had very little of. We faced the choice of takeout or cooking and decided to go with cooking. This naturally necessitated shopping, luckily we had spied what looked like a small supermarket on our way to P.F.Changs last night. 


So Byrnie and me went out to buy some food leaving Jen to rest since one of her feet was troubling her due to an accident with a large bag of dog food sometime previously.


As it turned out the supermarket was more of a Merco catering to students from the nearby music college. It carried lots of snacks and ready meals and some things approaching food, as well as a surprisingly well equipped barbecue section despite the fact they stocked no meat, but very little actual cooking ingredients.


Google pointed out a Trader Joes not far away so we picked up what we could in the mini shop then headed over to get the bits we couldn’t. This turned out to be a shop installed through a small door that lead to a labyrinthine basement that was full of a surprising array of stuff. It also had an enormous queue that snaked it’s way round most of the store. We grabbed most stuff then joined the queue and picked up the rest as we went past it based on targets of opportunity. This lead to some doubling up.


We were also persuaded to try pineapple salsa by the lady in front of us which turned out to be a good decision as it was really good slightly sweet tangy and with quite a slow burn. Anyway once we had escaped trader joes we made our way to the sandwich and booze corner shop to stock up on beverages. I went in while byrnie guarded the shopping bags. I looked for some sort of lager but most of what they had seemed to be stouts or IPA’s which seemed less suited to what we planned to cook (enchiladas). In the end I grabbed a six pack of what was labeled white ipa the brand was Two roads Honeyspot Road White IPA. I also grabbed a pack of the same cider as we had a few days back for options.


We headed home and then began the cooking. The kitchen had just enough things to be vaguely useful but lacked enough to be flexible. We made do as best we could there was a lot of odd little appliances we just used the main stuff.


We cooked up some meat stirred in onions lots of garlic and some soy chorizo we browned that lot off added spice and pepper and then added some tomatoes and beans. After simmering and cooking some rice and cheese to the mix we added portions to corn tortillas and then put those in a dish topping that with salsa and cheese then bunging it in the oven. 


The results were pretty delicious and the beer went well with it. Although it turned out to be out of date although it tasted good and out of date beer is supposedly not actually bad for you it just could taste bad. 


We ate all of the enchiladas (leaving half the chili left for another day) and then collapsed in a food coma in front of the tv and watched Archer which I’d never seen before and was pretty funny.


Tomorrow we intend to start up the next holiday phase with a trip to Harvard and IHOP.

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