Seattle Saturday 5th

Category: PAX Prime 2015 + Seattle Published: Sunday, 06 September 2015 Written by Evilmatt

I got up fairly early got some coffee washed and dressed then headed down to the pickup point for the duck.


The DUKW or duck's are actually WW2 era amphibious transport vehicles built for moving cargo from boats to shore. Now they ferry tourist around Seattle and into Lake Union then back to Seattle again. We saw the Space needle and then over the Aurora bridge. Went into Lake Union for some great views of downtown Seattle and things like the Gas Works Park the site of a coal gassification plant now left as a monument that was converted to a public park. A house boat used in the film sleepless in Seattle. Vairious seaplanes. Skidrow where the logs from the logging would slide down the hill to the saw mill on the Elliot bay waterfront. The great wheel and the miners landing where gold rush miners would come in. And then parts of the town like Pioneer square.


It was a fun tour with lots of history and information wrapped up in layers of sillyness with hats and also ritualistic chants like crying out Coffee! When passing a starbucks. Oh so many starbucks.


I had a good time and it was a great way to see the city and get out on the lake it was a superb day for it. I'd recommend it but best to book online as the tours fill up quickly.


I had some lunch then headed back to the hotel and relaxed played some games and read.


For dinner I went to the hotel bar and enjoyed some chicken quesadillas with some excellent local craft beers.



Tomorrow's my last full day not sure what I want to do on it I might go to one of the islands or maybe I'll just relax and do nothing. I'll see how I feel come the morning.

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