Seattle Thursday 3rd

Category: PAX Prime 2015 + Seattle Published: Friday, 04 September 2015 Written by Evilmatt

I got up around 9 and began packing things up ready to move. I got things squared away and then read for the rest of the time figuring I might as well use the room for as long as I could. I left at about 11:30 checked out then spent some time wandering about. There wasn't much available to keep me occupied with luggage in tow. I pursued the book shop and saw a bobble head/ pop of Jayne Cob from firefly complete with adorable knitted hat. I wandered through the game shops and then headed over to the westlake.

There was nothing shop wise there to amuse me so it being lunch time I grabbed a plate of orange chicken which was quite nice. It was now about 12:30 I stretched it out to 1 and then headed over to the hotel seeing if they would let me in. They did and so I had a brief rest and sorted out my things. I got a fairly nice room on the 5th floor looking out over some flags and greenery on the other-side of the street. It was a little less fancy than the previous room but not by much.


I decided to try and do something rather than waste the day so I wandered down to Pike Place Market. It's a sort of farmers market but entrenched in a huge multi leveled building festooned with neon. I took a few snaps and wandered the halls it was less useful to a person who had had lunch and also had no facility to cook.



It was a nice day so I wandered a bit then headed back to the hotel. I had room service for dinner a nice grilled cheese sandwich.

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